What Keeps Me Up At Night

What’s on an alpaca farmer’s mind?  Well, that becomes abundantly clear in the wee hours of the night as you lay in bed and your mind plays a reel of images and thoughts round and round.  If you are thinking of becoming an alpaca farmer and wonder what that reel will include – read on!  … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting … Alpacas!

You may be a seasoned farm family, or a newcomer to farming altogether.  Either way alpacas offer a completely new adventure.  Having little in common with traditional livestock, these intriguing, fibre-producing animals come with their own learning opportunities and rewards.  So what should you expect when you are expecting alpacas on your farm or rural homestead? … [Read more...]

Truth Be Told…

Seven years a farm, and we are a family that has learned many truths raising alpacas.  Seven years later, we are happier than ever with the decisions we have made, the friends we have found, and the business we have developed.  Many truths have revealed themselves along the way.  Wondering what alpaca farming is all about?  Truthfully – it’s a blast! … [Read more...]

Alpaca Farmers: Who We Are

Paris?  Barcelona?  Bora Bora?  No – just take me home.   Don’t get me wrong, you will find me with a boarding pass in my hand and ready to go at a minute’s notice to any of the above, but when you dig a little deeper, and really think about your favourite journey and place to be, there is only one answer.  At least for me. … [Read more...]

Finding Your Focus: Where Do Alpacas Fit?

We have been alpaca farming for 7 years now and we are still filled with the enthusiasm of brand new, first time farmers.  Doing what you love can make work seem like play.  Better than that, alpaca farming is filled with rewards when you find your focus and determine where alpacas fit into your lifestyle and farm style. … [Read more...]

Retail Revelation

We are alpaca farmers. You, me, and others who have created our farms, and raise these lovely, elegant fleece producers. And with the improvements to the Canadian herd that we see at our shows each year, we are definitely demonstrating that we are heading in the right direction. But most of all, we love what we do, and it shows. But we do more than just run our farms and raise our livestock. Many of us also sell the unique, elegant fleece products that are derived from their fibre. And while it is true to say that these products do sell themselves, the reality is that to be successful in retail, it takes a unique set of skills. Retail success is more than just selling products, and turning a profit. It’s about creating an experience so unique and meaningful for your customers, that they share your passion by the time they leave your farm. … [Read more...]


Alpacas have introduced our family to a life we couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago. Busy in business and raising a family, my husband and I pushed our careers hard, striving to become the best at what we do and to make a comfortable life for our family - he as a monument craftsman, and myself as general manager of a development corporation. In the midst of that full charge ahead, alpacas somehow “found us”. I am sure many of you can relate to how that happens! … [Read more...]

The Name Game

The moment has finally arrived and one of your girls has given birth to a beautiful new cria. You can’t believe how perfect each looks when it arrives. Never what you expect, but exactly what you want. Beautiful fleece, nursing well, big doe eyes, long lashes, strong legs underneath it, full of promise. Now the pressure begins ... ... what to name it! … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions – Farm Style

It’s time to look ahead. As you stand knee-deep in snow, shivering during one of Canada’s deepest, coldest winters, the horizon that lies ahead at the end of the coming year seems far, far away. Those miles are filled with opportunities to do more, or do better than the years that lie in the rear view mirror. Oh, what possibilities! … [Read more...]

Make Your Fleece Fly!

After 4 years we might just have this figured out. We have been raising alpacas for just over 4 years. And in those first few years we fell victim to the same dilemma that I am sure many of you do. What do I do with all this fleece? Where do I begin? And where do I find the time? We are in the business of raising livestock with an elegant end product that deserves much better than to languish in a barn, garage or basement. Though it may be hidden away in clear plastic bags, it peers out at us year round, summoning our guilt to the fore and challenging us to get at it and make it disappear. … [Read more...]