Avalanche alpaca stud

Avalance has a beautiful light fawn (almost white) fleece that has gorgeous character.  His dam has the finest fibre on the farm and his sire the densest fibre with great architecture.

Together, we had hoped they would produce a show-stopping fibre and that is what Avalanche delivered.  Both sire and dam have incredible conformation, and again, he has delivered the goods.  He has a strong, straight form, with great bone structure.  And his coverage is amazing.  His fibre is so thick that it makes head trimming nearly impossible with scissors!  He began his breeding career in 2019 and we expect the product to be outstanding.


CLAA #47151


DOB: 23/05/2016
Sex: Male
Colour: Light Fawn

Year AFD SD CV Spin CF Shear
2019 23.9 5 20.7 91.1