Strong, stunning and silky soft.  Avicii arrived weighing a whopping 19lbs!  Just look at those legs – strong as tree trunks and poker straight.  He is perfectly put together and that is topped off with incredible fibre.

Avicii is one of those alpacas you just can’t stop taking photographs of as you move through the pasture.  His fibre has a shine and crimp to it, much like his dam.  She shears volumes of snow white, crimpy fibre.  And his head style is just perfect!  But it is his perfect body style and strong bone structure that distinguish him as a herd sire.  He begins his stud career in 2020 and we can’t wait to see what he produces for our herd and yours!


CLAA #48537

DOB: 22/02/2018
Sex: Male
Colour: Light

Year AFD SD CV Spin CF Shear