Congratulations Laura and Mitch!  This beautiful, dark chestnut boy has dramatic dark points highlighting his curly brown fleece.  He already demonstrates perfect, upright conformation and proportions that we expect will result in award-winning results.  We like his head-style too. … [Read more...]


Congratulations Laura and Mitch!  Avalanche arrived on Victoria Day weekend in 2016, and marked our first cria of the season.  And with our first, we were delighted to have a cria that not only met, but well exceeded our expectations! … [Read more...]


Congratulations Cathy!  This stunning boy is a real chip off the old block - but with colour!  Sundance comes from incredible genetics.  Son of Zac Accoyo Cat, he has his father's incredible conformation & fleece characteristics ... and colour!  He swept the show ring in his first two years, taking first place year after year.  We love this gentle boy who joined our herd in 2015.  He has a solid frame and a strong, upright form that commands attention.  Add to that terrific coverage in dense fleece and you have the full package. … [Read more...]


Congratulations Laura and Mitch!  Whychin was a lively cria with beautiful colour and fleece.  That first fleece had above average density and formed nice, bright, curly locks.  Her first fleece was sold to a hand spinner who said it was one of the nicest brown fleeces that she had ever come across.  The colour and character were consistent throughout her blanket.  Today she still offers those fleece characteristics and is passing them along to the next generation. … [Read more...]


Congratulations Cathy!  Zaria is a solid, beautiful brown girl who has a perfect frame and brings so much to our breeding program.  She has incredible substance of bone, dense fleece and the off-spring of award-winning herd sire Zac Cat.  She is bred to our gentle giant Cartwright who produced outstanding results for both ourselves and our clients in our 2015 cria.  All his cria were sold within months of hitting the ground.  Can't wait to see what Zaria produces for Oak Hills in 2016! … [Read more...]


Congratulations Donna & Bob!  Pure White.  Pure Beauty.  Skye is a lovely young female that was so beautiful, I followed her previous owner right out of the show ring and asked to  buy her.  What farm wouldn't adore this girl?  … [Read more...]


Congratulations Laura and Mitch!  Skorette is a beautiful, solid girl who joined our herd in 2015 and has been making her way into our hearts since the day she arrived.  Skorette is striking with beautiful white markings on her face and legs that make her truly unique.  But beyond just looks, Skorette produces volumes of thick, dense fleece with consistent colour and density.  And that fibre results in coverage that reaches right down to her toes.  And she is holding that fine fibre as she ages, as her fibre stats reflect.  She continues to have a comfort factor above 90! … [Read more...]


Congratulations Laura and Mitch!  His name says it all!  At just a year, he is destined to be a legend.  This beautiful boy has coverage that doesn't quit, beautiful crimp style, ridiculous fineness, and an ideal body style.  His coverage is so extensive that we have to trim around his eyes every month or so to ensure he can see! His performance at the Alpaca Ontario Show (Spring 2015) saw him at the top of his colour class, taking first.  It's impossible not to notice this boy.  He stands out in a show class, and in the pasture. … [Read more...]

Big Ben

Congratulations Nadia & Paul on your lovely new little arrival!  Ben is our much anticipated first male born on the farm in several years.  He is a beautiful light coloured boy who is the spitting image of his sire, Cartwright.  Cartwright is a farm favourite for his wonderful disposition.  Add to that beautiful fleece coverage right to his toes, and we hope Ben has inherits all of his sire's best characteristics.  As his fleece comes in, it is clear that his sire delivered those amazing fleece characteristics to Ben.  His fleece has beautiful crimp and ridiculous staple length. … [Read more...]


Congratulations Chantal & Michel on your beautiful new girl and new addition to your herd!  Our first arrival this just might be one of our loveliest crias ever!  Reflection is a stunning white girl with the outstanding fleece characteristics of both her sire and dam ("Best in Show" winner at Navan).  Reflection's sire, "Charlie", is a multiple award winner who shears so much fleece you can' fit it all into one bag.  Reflection is demonstrating those incredible fleece characteristics too,with coverage already developing on her face.  We are very happy with the body style she has inherited from both her sire and dam.   … [Read more...]