“What to Look For When Buying Alpacas” WORKSHOP
September 14, 2019 – 9 a.m. to Noon (On Farm)

Ready to start alpaca farming but wondering how to choose the right alpacas for your herd? Join us on the farm and in the barn to meet the herd and learn what to look for when purchasing alpacas. Wondering what makes one alpaca more expensive than another?  What factors come into play when pricing an alpaca? We will help you understand how to build a herd and a herd acquisition budget.  We will discuss:

  • How many alpacas make a healthy herd
  • Different herd models & what alpacas to select for each
  • Fibre
  • Conformation (Body Style)
  • Pricing, Packaging
  • Breed Standards
  • Planning for herd growth & development
  • Purchasing for Profitability

This workshop is geared to those who have never farmed before, or veteran farmers who are looking to diversify their farms and learn more about alpacas as a livestock option. Bring your questions.  Dress for any weather and farm conditions as we will be getting hands-on with the herd!  Click here to register.

“Building an Alpaca Farm Business” WORKSHOP

Wondering how to make alpaca farming profitable? Join us on the farm and in the barn to learn everything you need to know about the business of alpaca farming and which business model is best for you to realize the farm lifestyle you want. This workshop is all about planning for success and profit!  It includes an overview of:

  • Farm Expenses
  • Farm Revenue Streams
  • Potential Profit Centres
  • The Alpaca Value Chain
  • Possible Business Models
  • Planning for Profitability
  • Budgeting
  • Financing & Funding
  • Resources & Where to Learn More

All of this information is presented in basic, beginner’s language, so you don’t need a business planning, farming or financial background to get a lot out of this workshop.  Bring your questions.  Dress for any weather and farm conditions. You will be meeting the herd!